So this was the third one they made. Yet it’s the most Star Trekky episode yet, with it’s “hailing frequencies open” ship to ship comms, strategy, alien threat, bluffing, Starfleet politics, crew hysteria, casual sexism etc.

I love all that stuff with the cube…it’s very well done. Kirk is making me nervous; they’re going to hit that thing surely. But look! It’s the long faced guy from the end credits. I wondered when he’d appear. They’ve made the image all blurry to hide the fact that it’s a puppet, but now you see his mouth moving you can tell it’s a puppet…oh wait! It’s meant to be a puppet! I love this episode.

I have to say the crew aren’t particularly professional. McCoy ignoring the red alert for a start. And I see Yeoman Rand is on coffee duty…

Looks like their usual uniforms were in the wash again this week. Good to see they change their clothes now and again though. I wonder if Rand does laundry as well as coffee.

So the creepy long faced guy was a puppet controlled by…oh my God! A creepy laughing man-toddler!! That is quite disturbing. Brilliant, but disturbing. And what an unusual ending…seems odd it not ending on the Enterprise bridge.

Yeah I really enjoyed that one. That and scary Daleks…what a great week for sci-fi.