I’ve read a few reports of people getting Dalek fatigue. The shouty pepper pots have been used quite a lot over the last few years admittedly, but actually I don’t feel that way at all. Their twelve part Master Plan from just under a year ago actually feels quite distant now and I have to say it’s great to see them back. Especially in these episodes…it feels almost like a re-introduction. Appropriate then that their original director is in charge.

There’s a wonderful feeling of menace in this one. I’m really not sure those scientists should be messing about with that Dalek…or is it just an empty shell? We did see the creature scuttling away…and only bad things scuttle. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…and so has the Doctor. Troughton is mesmerising, I’ve forgotten the other chap already. And that scary music again. Has there been a story this sinister up till now? I don’t think so. I like the direction this is going.

And again we’ve got a big dollop of humour to counterbalance the chills. Polly and the Doctor tongue-twistering…brilliant! She’s completely accepted him. Me too. I have to say I really like Ben and Polly, and what a great combination these three are.

The Dalek recognises the Doctor! So it must be him. How does it recognise him with his new face? Or is it just a younger version of the same face? The Daleks can time travel…perhaps they’ve already had a look at this younger version.

The Dalek is the Doctor’s servant!! What?! Doctor Who is brilliant again, I’m hooked already.