One beep for yes.

Nice matte painting, colourful start. Straight into the action.

So the Enterprise was asked to divert to this starbase by this chap called Pike. Except the guy that meets them, commander Mendez, knows nothing about this and insists that Pike couldn’t possibly have given the order because, as we soon see, he is not only burned and confined to a space wheelchair, but is unable to talk. All he can do is play 20 Questions. I bet he’s expert at 20 Questions. So it seems Kirk took over from Pike who was Spock’s captain 13 years ago. Pike did something suitably heroic, saved some children, which is how he ended up like he is. No voice synthesis in the future. So when the others are out of the room Spock and his former captain play the yes and no game for a bit before Spock announces his plan: mutiny! And then we’re into the opening titles. Wow.

So what is Spock up to? A traitor? Always thought there was something sinister about that man. Lots of sneaking around, sending faked messages to enterprise, fighting a technician. Blimey.

Kirk suspects Spock. McCoy is outraged, defends Spock. It’s impossible, Vulcans can’t lie. But Pike has disappeared.

Talos IV is a no go zone. The only ship that ever went there was the Enterprise, 13 years ago. Spock has hijacked the Enterprise and is heading for Talos IV! Pike has been beamed aboard! This is exciting stuff.

Kirk and Mendez follow in a shuttle. Spock tells crew to beam Kirk aboard, then declares his mutiny to McCoy and presents himself for arrest. Every five minutes some new level of excitement! This is a real contrast from recent episodes which were much slower paced.

So the ship’s computer has been set to lock everyone out, including the captain, and won’t take orders till reaching Talos IV. Spock wants a court martial so he can show Kirk and Mendez what he got up to in the pilot episode. I sense money-saving…and an admirable thrifty “waste not want not” attitude from the programme makers.

This means we get to see pilot footage as well. This is a slightly different Enterprise. Alternate uniforms and Spock did his hair and eyebrows differently back then, but I guess we all look silly in old videos. Look! People in civvies!

Apparently Pike hates being Captain. He’s fed up with seeking out new life and new civilisations, and a bit of gardening is sounding much more appealing right now.

A big landing party this week (six!). They put on their space cardigans and beam down to Talos IV. In what looks like a deleted scene that they forgot to delete, Spock laughs at some blue paper flowers. They soon meet some elderly scraggy human scientists and a hot young chick with an odd turn of phrase. But unbeknownst to them all they are being observed in classic sci-fi tradition on a screen by scary big headed veiny aliens. I love aliens like that, the classic type.

The blonde lady leads Pike away, says something mysterious: “you’re a perfect choice”, then disappears. All the scientists also disappear. A rock door opens and the scary aliens appear, fire at Pike and drag him through into the cave.

Back on Enterprise, they are receiving messages from Talos IV. Spock implores Kirk to watch rest of pilot. I think he wants you and me to watch as well. Let’s do that next week. Kirk orders for Spock to be locked up. Gosh, that was all very exciting. Great episode.

And in the Next Week trailer. The green lady from the end titles – hurrah!!