Television -50

Re-watching old telly…50 years after original broadcast date!


Are you really watching all these programmes one episode at a time on the 50th anniversary of the original transmission?

Yes, absolutely!

How do you manage to wait between episodes? Don’t you ever want to binge watch?

I’m a patient man! And I own masses of vintage television so if I binge watched say, Doctor Who, I wouldn’t have time to fit anything else in. It allows me to watch a wider variety of things in small chunks.

Doctor Who used to be off the air for six months in the seventies. What will you do between seasons?

Watch Wonder Woman, Seaside Special and lots of cartoons. I might even give real life a try and have a nice holiday.

ITV broadcasts used to vary a lot between regions, how do you decide on the anniversary date?

I usually pick the London region. Or whichever region was first. Or the region that’s showing them at the most convenient time for me.

Do you ever watch current television?

Yes of course. The vintage stuff is only a few hours a week most of the time.

Isn’t it dangerous messing about with time like this? Recreating moments from history? Have you never seen Sapphire & Steel?

I adore Joanna Lumley, I’ll take my chances.

If you manage to get back to the 21st century can you bring back some of the missing episodes of classic tv series?

I knew you were going to ask that. It’s not as simple as that I’m afraid. I’ll explain later…

Are you really going to watch Seaside Special?

No of course not. It’s not even available.

Does a blog need an FAQ?

Not really, no.

It’s funny how this site has an FAQ from the very beginning, when no-one’s even visited. Has anyone at all actually asked any of these questions?


Well have they?


This is all quite ‘niche’ isn’t it?

Yes I suppose so.